Caleb Appleton




Caleb enjoys partnering with teams to build and execute against ambitious visions to use technology to reshape the physical world. A biomedical engineer by training, Caleb’s career spans early science work in the field of engineered gene and cell therapies, frontier tech investing and most recently operating a scaled technology business.

Prior to investing at Bison, Caleb was an investor at Innovation Endeavors, where he focused on frontier technology investments across surgical robotics (RBOT), drug discovery (Eikon Therapeutics, Dewpoint Therapeutics), next generation hardware (Skylo) and applied AI (Cosmos Innovation, Citrine Informatics). Caleb spent the last two years at a growth-stage portfolio company, TuneIn, as Senior Vice President and GM leading a $50M P&L. Caleb began his career at Bain & Company.

When not investing, Caleb can reliably be found on two wheels out pedaling the San Francisco fog. He is also way too particular about his coffee: roasting his own beans and constantly tinkering with his latte art.

Caleb has a B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Tech and Emory and currently serves on the External Advisory Board for the Biomedical Engineering Department at Georgia Tech and Emory.

Current Investments